How Do You Know Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced?

Boilers are not as common as they once were. However, some homes do still have boiler heat, and if you live in such a home, it is a good idea to at least know the basics about how boilers work. This includes knowing some signs that your boiler is "giving up the ghost" and will soon need to be replaced. Should you have an older boiler and notice any of these four signs, call an HVAC contractor who offers boiler replacement services.

1. Struggling to reach temperature.

Say you have your thermostat set to 70 degrees, but your home only ever reaches 68. This is a sign that your boiler unit is struggling and starting to fail. It may not be heating the water quite hot enough. Or, it may not be cycling the water through the pipes and radiators the way that it should. 

2. Water on the floor.

Water on the floor around your boiler means that there is a leak somewhere. In some cases, the leak might be in a pipe associated with the boiler rather than in the boiler itself. However, if your boiler is quite old, there is a significant chance the leak is in the boiler, so you should at least have a heating contractor take a look. Leaky boilers are often hard to repair, especially if they are old, which is why this is a sign you need replacement rather than repairs.

3. Whistling noises.

If the boiler is making a whistling noise when it's running, that is likely because there is a leak somewhere and air is passing through the leak quite quickly. A gasket may be rotting, or a part may have developed a crack in it. 

4. Rust spots.

Take a look at your boiler itself. Do you see any rust spots forming on it? If they are very surface-level, they may not be too concerning. But if they go any deeper than that, you had better have the boiler replaced soon. A rust spot will soon become a hole, and a big one at that, and the hole can cause a lot of leakage and water damage.

If you have a boiler, keep an eye out for these signs of impending failure. It's also a good idea to have a professional come look it over from time to time. They can give you an expert opinion as to when it will need replacement.